Record your habits each day for the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Day of the challenge

Name *

Did you get your 10 minutes of stretching and mobility in today?

Did you drink 2L of water today?

2 Fruit serves, 5 veggie serves.
Earn one point for each fruit or vegetable serve consumed.

Did you do something nice and selfless for someone today?

Did you get your 8 hours of sleep?
You must be in bed with all screens off, 8 hours before your alarm is set to go off

Did you get your 30mins of huffy puffy exercise in today?

For each STANDARD drink consumed, you lose 10 points
1 standard drink
= 120ml wine, 30ml shot of spirits, 375ml mid-strength beer. Check the label to see how many drinks per serve

Minus 1000 points for each cigarette smoked

Earn 2 bonus points each day for not eating any junk food

Did you earn 5 bonus points for completing the weekly lifestyle challenge today?
Only enter your 5 bonus points ONCE EACH WEEK