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Healthy Lifestyle Challenge


Are you up for the challenge?

Salmon and Asian Slaw

What is it?!

It's a 30 day, holistic and personal challenge designed to make a positive impact on your health and well-being.Everything is online so you can get involved wherever you are. Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to keep each other accountable. There's nothing like a bit of healthy competition right?

Healthy Eating for Men

What it's not...

It's not a diet, detox, bootcamp, food diary, restrictive plan or bandwagon you'll fall off.

How does it work?

You are what you repeatedly do so there are 6 daily habits or tasks to complete each day. It can take up to a month to entrench a new habit. The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge gives you the best opportunity to get your health off to a great start!

Earn points for hitting each habit and deduct points for making an unhealthy choice. Track your personal progress and compete against other challengers!

The key to your success lies in consistency, accountability and support. Check in on the exclusive support group to connect with other challengers and support each other. Share recipes, workouts, ideas and progress. We’re all in this together!

We’ll help you along the way with lots of recipes, resources and articles to help you tick off each of the habits every day.

Develop the 6 Daily Habits...

Dietitian Approved - Mobility

Mobility This daily habit involves 10 minutes of stretching, anywhere you like.

Dietitian Approved - Hydration

Hydration This daily habit involves drinking 2L of water.

Dietitian Approved - Nutrition

Nutrition This daily habit involves ensuring you get your 2 fruit and 5 veggies serves in each day.

Dietitian Approved - Lifestyle

Lifestyle This daily habit will involve a different challenge each week. Tasks will include random acts of kindness, good deeds and pay-it forward challenges.

Dietitian Approved - Sleep

Sleep A tough one for some, this daily habit involves getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.

Dietitian Approved - Exercise

Exercise This daily habit involves being active and moving for at least 30 minutes every day. In one solid block or broken up into manageable chunks, the choice is yours.

Unhealthy Choices. As this is a “Healthy” Lifestyle Challenge, you will lose points for making unhealthy choices. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us for it later. Besides, it wouldn’t be called a “Challenge” if it wasn’t challenging, right?

What people are saying about the Challenge....

What's the investment?

There is a nominal fee of $47 to get involved with the challenge. That’s just $1.56 a day! It in no way covers the costs involved to run it, but is more a token of your commitment and accountability. If it were free, it would be too easy to quit right?

When can I start?

Why not start now?! Simply select your start date when registering and we can take it from there!

True stories...

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I have always been a bit of an all or nothing person. When things are good and my exercise and nutrition is on track, life is great. However when it’s not, I am the complete opposite. I didn’t want some fad diet or quick fix, I just wanted something that was easy to maintain, not just for the duration of the challenge, but for life.

Some of the healthy habits looked really hard. 8hrs sleep, does anyone actually get that per night?? I loved that the HLC was all about getting back to basics and getting those things right, which was why I chose this challenge the first time….now you can’t keep me away. Every challenge that is on offer, I’m there.

While it’s not a focus, I always find I am a few kilo’s lighter at the end of the challenge, but more importantly I feel so much better about myself. I feel a great sense of achievement at the end, especially seeing those points add up each day. Well beyond the challenge, many of the the healthy habits have become part of my daily life. I won’t say i get 8hrs sleep every night, but it’s very rare that i get less than 7hrs, which is a massive improvement for me. When things in life go a little pear shaped, and I find myself a bit off track, the first thing I do is get back to the healthy habits. Keeping it simple is by far the easiest way to get back into a good routine.

I would recommend this challenge to anyone! We can all benefit from getting the important things right in life. The challenge community is a great support, we have fun, we share stories and we encourage each other. I honestly can’t think of a better way to kick off the year. It’s only 30 days, it will be over before you know it, and I have no doubt the healthy habits will continue well beyond the 30 days.

Karlee Gooding
5 x Challenge Participant

I first signed up for the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge when the start of another year was looming, I was feeling a bit depressed about my weight but I didn’t want to “diet” again.

I was so confused by the myriad of eating plans out there and all the conflicting advice about what you should and shouldn’t eat. I’d met Taryn through South Bank Tri Club, and realised that I’d found someone who I could trust for straightforward advice and answers.

The challenge is great because you have 30 days expert nutrition advice from a qualified sports dietitian, not just a random from the internet, fantastic support from fellow challengers and there are NO FADS within a hundred miles. Just advice on eating delicious, healthy food and the focus is holistic – sleep, drink more water, exercise and be kind, all packaged together to build better habits.

I’d recommend the challenge to anyone who’s looking for an effective, no nonsense way to build a foundation of good habits for a healthy and happy 2019.

Jo Eaton
Mum of 3 and selfie queen

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