Ironman Package

Gearing up to tackle an Ironman?

This package includes everything you need to maximise your training in the lead up and have a successful day in the office come race day.

One to One Support

Accountability is key!

We’ll commit to you to help you achieve your goals if you commit to us. We find this is the number one reason our clients get the results they want!

Triathlon Specific Advice

Taryn is not your regular Dietitian. She is an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 10 years experience working with athletes from all walks of life.

Did we mention she also consults to Triathlon Australia? When she’s not consulting at Dietitian Approved she’s assisting our elite athletes to eat right and perform at their best.

Freebies Galore!

  • Free 7 day access to over 100 Dietitian Approved recipes from our database
  • Free athlete friendly shopping list
  • $20 off voucher for a DXA (body composition scan) for Brisbane based clients
  • 15% off your first order at VPA Australia
  • Sample products we actually believe in, not because we get paid to say it

Our 20 week Ironman Package includes:

  • 1 x Initial Consultation (60mins)
  • 11 x Review appointments (30-45mins); this can include skin folds if you want to track body composition changes (and you’re based in Brisbane)
  • PLUS a FREE review to debrief in the week after your event
  • Goal setting and strategy
  • Specific advice for what to eat pre-training depending on the type of session
  • Post-training nutrition to optimise your recovery
  • Periodised nutrition – How to eat for different types of training days across the week whether it’s a rest day vs. a double session day or long weekend brick
  • Regular skin folds every 4 weeks to assess body composition (Brisbane-based clients only)
  • Long ride nutrition plans: including what to eat before, during and after to support the big weekend sessions, helping you to back up and train again tomorrow
  • Long run nutrition plans
  • Hydration testing
  • Gut training protocol
  • Supplement and sports nutrition product advice
  • Specific carbohydrate loading plan
  • Ironman Race Nutrition Plan
  • Recovery Nutrition Plan
  • Regular contact via email, phone, text right in race week right up to race start (within reasonable hours of the day!)

Payment options:

$2000 upfront or $403.80 per month for 5 months

Appointments are to be used within 20 weeks. We’ll book each of your appointments in the diary when booking your initial consultation.
If you have dietitian cover, you can claim your consultations on private health.

Please note: we have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. For the sanity of our practitioners and to be fair on our clients on the waiting list, if you late cancel any of your appointments, they will be forfeited.

Bolt on options:

  • Additional race plans for shorter distance races ($125-$250)
  • Supermarket Tour ($199)
  • Sweat and Hydration Testing ($220)