Healthy Lifestyle Challenge



Are you up for the challenge?

Join us for the Dietitian Approved 30 day, Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. A holistic and personal challenge designed to make a positive impact on your health and well-being.

You are what you repeatedly do so there are 6 daily habits or tasks to complete each day. It can take up to a month to entrench a new habit. The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge gives you the best opportunity to get your health off to a great start!

What’s even better, is you can now set your own START DATE! Kick-off your healthy habits at any time of the year! Why not start tomorrow?

If you need the extra support, we’ve got your back! Upgrade your Challenge to include extra support by one of our Dietitians and get 3 discounted phone consults at the start, middle and end of your Challenge to set yourself up for the ultimate success.

Please note: If you are purchasing the challenge for more than one person, simply fill in the details of the first person below and click ‘Add to Cart’. Then, just change the appropriate details and click ‘Add to Cart’ again for the second person and so on. (You must enter a unique email address per person)


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Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, Healthy Lifestyle Challenge PLUS 3 phone consults with one of our Dietitians

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