Dip your toe in the water and get a taste of what working with a sports dietitian can do for you. For the triathlete looking to get healthy, while improving energy levels, feeling great at training and not hitting the wall at 3:30pm.


Duration: 4 weeks
Investment: $360 Valued at over $450

Week 1 Initial Consult (60mins) includes:

  • A thorough assessment of what you’re currently eating to support your training program and goals. Please complete our food and exercise diary for 1 week prior to your consultation and bring with you an outline of your weekly training program.
  • Goal setting and strategy
  • Specific advice for what to eat pre-training depending on the type of session
  • 2 recovery breakfast options specific to you to optimise your recovery nutrition, help prevent 3:30itis and ensure you’re ready to back up again the next day
  • Body composition assessment with skin folds including a detailed report (optional)

Week 2 Review (30mins)

  • How to build your plate for main meals (lunches and dinner) depending on what type of training day it is and what your body composition goals are. If you’re training is not the same each day, your food shouldn’t be either.
  • 2 free Dietitian Approved athlete friendly recipes from our database

Week 4 Review (45mins)

  • Feedback on how the past month has gone with tweaks and adjustments and further goal setting
  • Healthy snack ideas and how to change these for different training days
  • Repeat skin fold assessment with feedback and detailed report (optional)

T & C’s
Payment due up front prior to your first consultation.
We’ll book each of your appointments in the diary when booking your initial consultation.
If you have dietitian cover, you can claim your consultations on private health.